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    My name is Joshua Rodenburg, and I am the owner of Organic Digital Leads LLC. I serve the businesses of southwest Iowa and southeast Nebraska with website design and internet marketing services. Organic Digital Leads LLC is your best choice and value for website designer and internet marketing services in Council Bluffs Iowa and the surrounding areas of Glenwood Iowa, Underwood Iowa, Missouri Valley Iowa, Treynor Iowa, Crescent Iowa, Carter Lake Iowa, Mineola Iowa, Woodbine Iowa, Malvern Iowa, Oakland Iowa, Logan Iowa, Omaha Nebraska, Bellevue Nebraska, Papillion Nebraska, LaVista Nebraska, and many others. We offer internet marketing service for website design, website SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Business Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing/Facebook Ads, Google Business Profile Verification and Optimization, and 360 Photos Photographer.

    We are able to provide all or a unique combination of these internet marketing services to businesses in Council Bluffs Iowa and all surrounding areas in western Iowa and eastern Nebraska. We offer excellent internet marketing services and easy to understand explanations as to why you might need them to help grow your business and increase your digital presence. If you need a knowledgeable and experienced Council Bluffs website designer or Council Bluffs internet marketing agency to promote your local business in Council Bluffs Iowa or the surrounding areas, you have found the only company you need to call!

    Please check our "Internet Marketing Services" page for specifics on the internet marketing services we can offer to you, and please read our "Internet Marketing FAQs" page for answers to questions concerning pricing and timeframes for our Council Bluffs internet marketing services. Call us today at (712) 326-4018 or email us Organicdigitalleads@gmail.com to request more information or to schedule a consultation of internet marketing services we can offer to your Council Bluffs or other local business, please fill out the brief form below! We look forward to working with you soon!

    Best Council Bluffs website designer
    Council Bluffs Digital Marketer
    Council Bluffs Iowa Digital Marketer

    Organic Digital Leads LLC in Council Bluffs Iowa strives to be the best website designer and internet marketing agency in the Council Bluffs Iowa local area. We understand you have a business to run, and you need the best digital presence and business reputation management available. Organic Digital Leads LLC strives to be that company for you day in and day out through our focus on quality website design supported by solid SEO, leading to increased business and referrals for your company. We support this approach through the creation of visually appealing, keyword seasoned websites, dedicated website SEO, Council Bluffs business lead generation, along with the implementation of digital advertising/Facebook ads, Google Business Profile verification and optimization, and supplemented by 360 photos to draw Google's attention to your business and the services you offer.

    Today's online business environment is driven by being seen and having the right reputation, and Organic Digital Leads LLC seeks to secure both goals for every Council Bluffs Iowa and metro area business who has already earned our business, and for you who is seeking to accomplish those goals yourself. We focus mainly on promoting your business through Google and Google Maps, the #1 search engine and internet mapping program in America today, but we also promote your website on multiple other internet search engines and business-promoting websites throughout the internet, as well as blogs, forums, and niche-specific posting websites.

    Business owners like yourself don't often have the time to work through the intricacies of the Google algorithm due to you running your business and focusing most of your waking hours to that. We know what Google's algorithm wants to see to promote businesses to the top, and that is our specialty at Organic Digital Leads LLC. It would be our honor to be the internet marketing agency for your Council Bluffs Iowa or surrounding area business. Call us today at (712) 326-4018, email us Organicdigitalleads@gmail.com, or fill out the digital marketing services form above. We look forward to working with you soon!

    Council Bluffs Iowa digital marketer
    Council Bluffs Internet Marketing Service
    Council Bluffs Iowa Internet Marketing Service

    Council Bluffs website designer
    • Organic Digital Leads LLC will design your website on our specialized website design platform with the following features.

    • We will create a customized website with your business services on multiple pages, pictures, contact information...all aspects customized to you and your business.

    •  Our Council Bluffs Iowa digital advertiser team will promote the website on multiple internet search engines and business-promoting websites.

    • We will provide keyword rich descriptions on each website page and section to get the attention of Google and other search engine algorithms.

    Council Bluffs Iowa digital marketer
    • Organic Digital Leads LLC creates your customized website, but that is only the beginning of the promotion of your business.

    • We specialize in website SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which means we are taking all the necessary steps to make Google and other search engines notice your website, your products, and your role in the local Council Bluffs Iowa metro area.

    • This crucial step makes you stand apart from the vast majority of businesses with simple websites and extremely low digital presence.

    Council Bluffs internet marketing service
    • Perhaps you already have a website and don't want to make any changes, Organic Digital Leads LLC has a 2nd specialty approach to get you new clients.

    • Instead of creating a website for you, our Council Bluffs Iowa internet marketing service team will make a website in your niche area, and in the same way we would with a customized site for you.

    • The goal is to rank this website in the top three of Google's, Bing's, and Yahoo's listings so we get leads and pass them onto you directly with no competition.

    • The following are websites we have created that are already getting leads for local businesses:

    Loess Hills Insulation

    Loess Hills Handyman

    Loess Hills Electrical

    Loess Hills Solar Solutions

    Cornhusker Handyman

    Council Bluffs Iowa digital advertiser
    • Sometimes a ranking in the top three of Google is difficult to attain due to the number of businesses in your niche.  This is where the digital advertiser and social media marketer services of Organic Digital Leads can help you the most.

    • Facebook ads are an excellent form of digital advertising that interrupts the scrolling of the social media user and force them to notice your business and your business offerings, as well as how to contact you and locate you.

    • Organic Digital Leads LLC Council Bluffs digital advertiser team can run Facebook ads as long and often as you specific in your plan.  It is our goal to market for you to the best of our ability and reach the most people possible through this strategy.

    Council Bluffs marketing agency
    • Brand reputation and brand safety are critical aspects of success in today's business environment, and that is one of the main goals of the Organic Digital Leads LLC Council Bluffs digital marketer agency.

    • A fair amount of today's businesses online don't have complete control of their Google Business Profile.

    • If a business leaves their Google Business Profile unverified, anyone can access the profile and change any information they desire.

    • Organic Digital Leads LLC will verify your business listing, and also optimize it with as many details as possible about your business so Google views your business as one worth promoting, and clients can see at a quick glance everything they need to know to choose you over a competitor.

    Council Bluffs Iowa 360 photo photographer
    •  Google loves to promote itself, and gives more ranking power to companies that have standard photos and videos, but even more ranking power to companies that also include  360 photos and videos on their Google Business Profile

    •  If your Council Bluffs Iowa business website contains verified 360 photos and videos, that very much adds to your potential ranking power in your local niche and industry. 

    • Organic Digital Leads LLC's talented 360 photo photographers have the technology and expertise to make 360 photos/videos a part of your company's Google Business Profile to provide a more detailed picture of your business and the atmosphere customers will    experience coming to your business.

  • Council Bluffs Iowa Website Designer Near Me and Council Bluffs Internet Marketing Service 

    Near Me

    Welcome to Council Bluffs, Iowa, home of incredible American history, and part of the beautiful Loess Hills. Council Bluffs Iowa was once known as "Miller's Hollow" and then "Kanesville," but we have had our current name since 1852. Council Bluffs has a beautifully historic past and was a key passageway for eastbound pioneer wagon trains, the migration of Mormons, and California gold rush participants. One of those historical attractions is the golden spike and "Mile 0" of the transcontinental railroad. Abraham Lincoln designated this exact area as the starting point of the transcontinental railroad. Council Bluffs Iowa is also home to the Dodge House, past home of Grenville Mellen Dodge, renown Union army general and transcontinental railroad executive. One unique attraction found in Council Bluffs Iowa is the Squirrel Cage Jail, the only three story rotary jail in America.

    Arguably the most iconic feature of Council Bluffs are the rare and beautiful Loess Hills, a geographic feature found only in western Iowa and in portions of China. Council Bluffs is on the southern portion of the nationally renown Loess Hills Scenic Byway, and there are three beautiful overlooks of the Loess Hills at Fairmont Park, the Lincoln Monument, and Lewis and Clark Monument lookout. You have to visit one, or better yet, visit all three!


    Lake Manawa state park, the Wabash Nature trail, the Dream Playground, and the variety of arts and theater offerings from the Hoff Family Arts and Culture Center are additional examples of great recreation opportunities available for the whole family in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Whether you are a resident of Council Bluffs Iowa, or plan an extended stay, please enjoy our beautiful scenery and attractions, and it is our hope you can see the truth of our city logo "Unlike Anywhere else. On Purpose!" If you, a family member, or friend ever has a need for a website for your Council Bluffs Iowa business or internet marketing services to promote a new or existing business, Organic Digital Leads LLC is the company to call to find experienced Council Bluffs digital marketer professionals to meet your Council Bluffs Iowa business promotion and business reputation needs. To request more information or to schedule a consultation of services we can offer to your Council Bluffs or local area business, please fill out the brief form below, call us at (712) 326-4018 or email us at organicdigitalleads@gmail.com! We look forward to working with you soon!

    Best Council Bluffs Digital Marketer
    Best Council Bluffs Digital Marketer
    Best Council Bluffs Iowa Digital Marketer Agency