The Council Bluffs website designer at Organic Digital Leads LLC will create a customized, content rich website that we will promote in a way that results in more clients in your door and on your schedule, and more eyes on your business via online searches. Many businesses have a basic or even elaborate website that describes their business well, and some of those businesses have already hired a Council Bluffs digital marketer to make the website, but if there is not the right type of keyword rich content on it, it is unlikely someone searching for your specific business or business service will ever find your website because Google will not see a need to promote it to its front page. As an experienced Council Bluffs website designer, I know what it takes to get your website noticed by Google and to make your services available to the residents of Council Bluffs Iowa and surrounding areas.

    Consumer studies have shown that that average person looking online for services will usually call the top three Google listings first, and if there is an opening in the schedule of any of those businesses, they won't call anyone lower on the Google listings. The top three listings on a Google business search are called the Google Map Pack, and they get the vast majority of the business as they show to be the best. It is the goal of Organic Digital Leads LLC Council Bluffs website designer team to get your business listed in that top 3 spots of a Google search for your specific type of business or business service. We are relentless in the pursuit of achieving this goal for you! Contact us below if you are interested in our Council Bluffs website designer services for your Council Bluffs Iowa or surrounding area business. Thank you, and we look forward to working with you soon!

    Council Bluffs Iowa website designer
  • Website Design and Development Process


    Secure Website Domain Name

    • Organic Digital Leads LLC and you the business owner will discuss your preferences for website domain names.

    • Once you've chosen the name, and finding it is available, we will take care of the rest, securing that name on our accredited domain registrar.


    SSL Certificate Activation

    • Once we have secured your website domain name, we will get the SSL certificate for your website domain name.

    • SSL certificates create an encrypted website connection and establishes trust.

    • The SSL certificate is what allows the http:// to become secure https:// at the beginning of the website address.


    Website Design Consultation

    • Organic Digital Leads LLC and you as the business owner will discuss all the specifics of your business and business services you desire to have on your website.

    • We will discuss the specific website pages, pages layout, color scheme, pictures and images, video, social media links, blogs, FAQs, and special elements like contact forms, order forms, and special apps. 


    Website Development and Review

    • The website development process takes around three to four weeks to complete, and will include the following:

    1. Completed website

    2. Published website

    3. Registration on Google Search Console and Google Analytics

    4. Creation of Facebook, and YouTube pages


     Website SEO Development and Google Business Verification

    • Following the publishing of the website, Organic Digital Leads LLC will be working diligently to create business profiles on 10-20 other websites that Google looks at to validate your business.  This includes the creation of your official Google Business Profile.

    • In 10-14 days following the creation of those additional business profiles, we will then request a verification of your Google Business Profile, which will result in the most powerful promotion of your business website.



    Website Maintenance 

    • Following the verification of your Google Business Profile,  Organic Digital Leads LLC will add blog articles, run digital advertiser Facebook Ads and other features each month to keep the website content fresh and appealing to Google's algorithm.

    • We will also add new services, features, and information to your business as you make us aware of those updates.  This includes the addition of 360 photos to really round out your appeal for Google to notice and promote your business to the local Council Bluffs-Omaha metro area.